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Be a Hero

Often, the most costly part of running a shelter is the medical care of special needs animals.  These are costs that we are faced with every day when we see the abuse, neglect and over-breeding of pets.  Please consider helping with a monetary gift that you can specify to help in one of the following areas:

Be an Angel

Our Angel program is your monthly gift to the shelter, automatically deducted from your checking or savings account in any amount that you can give. When you click on the donate button below you can choose to donate monthly! 

Have a Heart

For a one-time donation of $500, you can save a pet from the serious and deadly disease of heart worms.  This is a disease that can be prevented and cured, but the treatment is expensive. 

Or, for a one-time donation of $250, you can provide flea, tick and heartworm medication for one dog for one year.

Please consider this as a way to save an animal's life.  These are simple yet extremely effective ways to help.

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