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  • Q: Do I need an appointment to come meet your available animals?
    Yes, all adoptions are by appointment only. Call us at 843-427-4388 to make an appointment to meet our adoptable dogs/cats! We take appointments on the half hour from 10 AM – 4 PM Monday – Friday and 10 AM – 1 on Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays.
  • Q: What is your adoption fee and what does it include?
    Our dog adoption fee is $325 and our cat adoption fee is $125. Our adoption fee for all animals includes spay/neutering and animals are vaccinated prior to adoption. Fees also include other medical and physical care provided while at the shelter. We take in many animals that would face euthanasia in shelters due to costly medical conditions. Our adoption fee goes straight to helping us care for all the animals we take in that require expensive surgeries, heartworm treatment, treatment for URI’s, treatment of worms, etc. because we don’t just “shelter,” we RESCUE and save lives!
  • Q: Do you require a meet and greet prior to adoption?
    Yes! If you currently have a dog(s), we require you to bring your dog to the shelter so that we can do a meet & greet with the dog you are interested in adopting. It is important to us to make sure all dogs will get along with each other before sending them home!
  • Q: Am I able to take my animal home today?
    It depends. If the animal is ready to go home that day, we try our best to go ahead and send them to their new forever home! However, we will have to get your application approved in order to send the animal home. Most of our puppies will not be able to go home during your appointment time and in that case, a $100 non-refundable deposit will be required to hold the puppy as yours until they are ready to go home.
  • Q: What methods of payment do you accept?
    We accept card or cash! Our card company charges a 4% fee so if you would like to avoid paying this fee, please bring cash.
  • Q: How old do I need to be to adopt from Kind Keeper?
    All adopters must be at least 23-years-old.
  • Q: Where can I find more info on your animals?
    We post each of our adoptable animals on our Facebook page: Kind Keeper No-Kill Animal Rescue! On our Facebook page under the “Dogs for Adoption” & “Cats for Adoption” album you can find a full bio on each animal. We keep our Facebook page most up-to-date with what animals we have available as it is updated daily, and you will be able to find more pictures/videos of our animals.
  • Q: I can’t make it to the shelter during your hours, is there another way I can meet your animals?"
    Yes! We do weekly adoption events at various places in the local community on week nights and weekends. Check out our Facebook: Kind Keeper No-Kill Animal Rescue and click on “events” to see a list of our upcoming events!
  • Q: I saw an animal I am interested in, can you put it on hold for me?"
    We do not hold animals prior to the adopter coming to meet the animal first. We only hold an animal if we are not able to get your application approved during your appointment time. If we must do a hold on an animal while we are waiting to get your application approved, it will only hold them for 2 days, as we need the space to help more animals in need! If puppies are not ready to go home yet, you can put a $100 non-refundable deposit down on the puppy in order to hold them as yours until they are ready to go home.
  • Q: Can someone come in and adopt on my behalf?
    No, we require the person interested in adopting to come in and make an appointment to meet the animal they are interested in. The person that fills out the adoption application must be present during the adoption appointment.
  • Q: What is the best way to contact you?
    Call us between the hours of 9-5 Monday-Friday at 843-427-4388. While we try our best to respond to emails or Facebook messages in a timely manner, a phone call is always the quickest way to reach us!
  • Q: What would cause my application to be denied?
    Two of the biggest things we check for are permission from your HOA/landlord and your vet records. It is important to us that all our animals go to great homes! If you have an HOA/landlord we must check your pet policy to ensure that there are no breed restrictions, weight limits, limit on # of pets, etc. and we must make sure the animal you are interested in adopting follows all your communities' rules. We also want to make sure that we get good references from your vet/personal references. We check with your vet to make sure you keep your current/past animals up to date on vaccines and that you keep your dogs on heartworm preventative, and have an overall good vet history.
  • Q: Do you accept donations?
    Yes! We rely on donations to keep our animal rescue up and running and we are always in need of different items ranging from foods & toys, to office supplies! We will accept almost anything, the only thing we cannot take is pillows.
  • Q: I found an animal or I need to surrender my animal, can I bring it to you? "
    In order for us to take in any animal, we have to get approval from Belinda, our director. If you need to surrender an animal, please fill out the surrender form located under the surrender tab to the best of your ability. Please make sure to attach pictures of the animal as well. If we can help, we will contact you. We do not come out and pick up animals.
  • Q: Do you adopt to out of state residents?
    We adopt to residents in NC/SC. In some circumstances we adopt to other states as well, however, the adopter will be responsible for all transport fees. If you are interested in adopting from out of state, give us a call at 843-427-4388 to discuss it in more detail.
  • Q: Can I get my animal spayed/neutered at my own vet?
    Yes! All adopters are more than welcome to use their own vet to spay/neuter their animal if they choose to. However, the adoption fee will remain the same and we will require proof of surgery. If you choose to use your own vet to spay/neuter your pet, it will be at your own expense.
  • Q: How old do I need to be to volunteer with you?
    We are always looking for volunteers and we allow all ages to volunteer with us! If you are under 18 years old, an adult will need to be present with you at all times.
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