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In order for us to take in an animal, we have to get approval from Belinda, our facility director. She will assess the type/size of animal and determine whether we have the space. Please fill out the surrender form to the best of your ability. If this is an animal you have found, please take it to a nearby vet and have it scanned for a microchip before filling out this form. If you adopted this animal from another rescue please contact them to determine their policy on surrenders. Please select the appropriate surrender form listed below that applies to your situation. We will contact you in 24 to 48 working hours if we are able to help.

Each button below will direct you to a new link with a specific surrender form.


Found a lost pet?
Looking for your lost pet?

If you have found a lost pet or are looking for your lost pet, check out PetCo Lost Love.

There you can post about pets you have found and help get them back to their families! 

If you're looking for your lost furfriend you can post about them, and others can help you search! Also contact your local shelters so they can keep an eye out.

Check out PetCo Lost Love by hitting the button below to learn more on how you can help save a life.

Take the animal to a local vet to see if they have a microchip.

They might have one and be able to get back to their owner!

Google Local Vets Near You

Before you Surrender Your Dog...

Is this something you really want to do? Take a moment to think about where the issue is coming from. There is a cheap and easy way to train your dog. GoodPup helps teach you how to train your dog. They help with so many options too! Talk to them about what is happening so they can help you! You do everything from home, they help work around your schedule, and you can reach out to your trainer any time! Give the first week a try for free to see how they work and how they can help you and your dog grow together! Click on the pictures to the right to help keep your furfriend in their home!

Don't Surrneder.png

GoodPup Training!

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Reasons Why People Surrender Their Dogs...

Before you Surrender Your Cat...

Is this something you really want to do? Take a moment to think about where the issue is coming from. Are you moving and can't take them with you? Did your cat stop using the litter box? Are they not getting along with another cat in the home? Is money tight? Whatever the reason may be take the time to think about how you can help your cat through what they are going through. Click the picture to the right to see some ways to help before surrendering your furfriend!

fiv cats 5.jpg

Common reasons for surrendering a cat to the shelter - and methods to help keep your pet instead...

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