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The Future of Rescue

What's next for Kind Keeper Animal Rescue?

KKAR New Building.jpg

Kind Keeper has already purchased our land thanks to Carol Lytton, and now we are working on getting the funds to construct our new building.

With our new building we want to...

  • Expand to help more homeless animals.

  • Open a Low Cost Animal Clinic to help our community with immunizations and spay/neuter procedures; that will improve the health quality of pets that are already in homes and ultimately reduce the over-population of homeless pets. 

  • Have in house training for animals and their owners. When you need help with your pet and training them we will be here for you!

  • Create a pet Food Bank to help budget-stressed local animal owners keep their pets in their home. 

  • We will help other rescue groups and feral cat groups.

  • A new grooming room! Even animals need a hair cut and their nails done!

  • There will be our own little shop where you will be able to buy all the supplies you need for your pets.

Kind Keeper will be the one stop shop for all your needs!

We want to be here to help our community as much as possible and getting more space will give us the ability do that! 

We are currently engaged in research, planning and fundraising to take the next steps in making our goals a reality. Therefore, we are actively searching for grants and sponsors to accomplish these goals.

We know this will take time, but all dreams start with the first step!

Click the picture below to get to our Go Fund Me page to help us reach this future

New Building Flyer.jpg
goal pole.png
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