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Adopting With Kind Keeper Animal Recue

Our adoption fee includes all shots that are appropriate for their age at the time of adoption and Spay/Neuter.

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Cinder adoption_edited.jpg

Adoption Fee:


Cat Adoption Fee is $125

Dog Adoption Fee is $325

All Cats Must Leave In A Carrier

And All Dogs Must Have A Harness

Cat Carriers are $10.00 for a box

or $20.00 for a used carrier.

Dog Harnesses are $25.00.

Referral List 


Estate planning is for everyone! Have a backup plan for your animals if something happens to you. That way you know they will have a safe place to live and are taken care of. Below tells you some ways you can protect your animals if something happens to you.

Call 843-427-4388 and talk with someone today!

We are family members too! Updated.png
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