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Kind Keeper Animal Rescue was founded by Belinda Mairowicz in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Belinda hails from New Jersey. She moved to the Grand Strand area in 2009. A few years later, the idea of creating her own no-kill, non-profit animal shelter came to her spontaneously, and it grew into a passion. After praying about it, Belinda felt certain in her heart that this was a dream that she could and must accomplish.


Feeling disheartened because so many names were already taken, Belinda asked God for a rescue name. “Kind Keeper” came to mind the next morning and it expresses the essence of this endeavor: a giving heart, a spirit of loving-kindness for God's creatures, and a conviction that we are responsible for nurturing and protecting domesticated companion animals who depend on human care.


Despite early disappointments, Belinda pushed ahead with determination, using her own savings, doing the paperwork for incorporation and non-profit status, finding a fixer-upper property—a former day-care center—to rent, soliciting donations of goods and services from local businesses, and creating community fundraising events ranging from yard sales to dinner/dances. Joined by just a few steady volunteers, she has done much of the work herself—all while holding down a full-time job as a waitress, plus volunteering her own time for other local charities.


When the job gets overwhelming, the heart-wrenching thought of our area's homeless dogs and cats—abused or unwanted, lost or abandoned, given up by necessity—keeps Belinda focused on the goal.She has personally assisted in placing many dogs and cats into loving forever homes.


Why another shelter in Horry County when there are already several public and private organizations? The heartbreaking fact is that our area’s shelters are overflowing with homeless animals.  The failure to spay and neuter, often leads to the dismaying practice of leaving litters of newborns abandoned at doorsteps or by the roadside.


Kind Keeper Animal Rescue will make a much-needed contribution to the local residents and visitors who care deeply about animal welfare as well as the safety of the community— contributions such as adoption and fostering, low-cost spay/neuter, education about responsible pet ownership, and an end to euthanasia of innocent, healthy, homeless pets.


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