Our future ...

In order to better serve our local community, our next goals are:


  • To relocate and expand to increase our impact on homeless animals. 

  • Create a pet Food Bank to help budget-stressed local animal owners keep their pets in their homes.

  • Open a low-cost animal clinic to help our community with immunizations and spay/neuter procedures, which will ultimately reduce the over-population of homeless pets and improve the health quality of pets that are already in homes.

We are currently engaged in research, planning and fundraising to take the next steps in making our goals a reality.  Therefore, we are actively searching for grants and sponsors to accomplish these goals.

We've got our eye on a property and we've worked with an architect to design a building customized for our needs. (See photo below). The monies raised for this capital improvement project is being placed in a special savings account just for this project. We need to raise much more than this, but, this amount will help us with the land purchase. We are also pursuing grants to help fund the new shelter. We know this will all take time, but all dreams start with the first steps.